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2011 honda element canadaThe Honda Element is part of the popular compact crossover SUV manufactured by Honda since 2002, it arrived in Canada in 2003. The Honda Element made it debut as Model X at the North America Auto Show in 2001, designed as balance between an SUV and the versatility of a pick-up truck which includes large cargo space, giving it a unique style. The Honda Element is based on the CR-V SUV platform and shares a 2.4L i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with the Honda Accord. While it sits four passenger it has 2 doors, plus 2 rear hinged doors.

The Honda Element is available in front-wheel drive or Honda's real-time 4-wheel drive which activates when the front wheels slips. The 4-wheel drive model includes a large rear sunroof, the Honda Element was originally launched in Canada in 2003 as the Element DX and EX trim models, in 2005 a Honda Element LX made its debut with more standard features, and the DX base model was discontinued. The 2005 Element added more safety features with optional side airbags, while the fully loaded Honda Element EX included XM satellite radio and MP3 player.

The 2007 Honda Element in Canada received its first face-lift, including a redesigned 2.4L engine with 166HP, a new five speed automatic transmission, ESC (electronic stability control) and side airbags were added as standard. The front received a new design following Honda Pilot and CR-Vs new grill. The 2007 Element also received a fully loaded "urban cruiser" which included 18 inch wheels and lower suspension. The 2008 Element didn't receive changes other than brighter and more unique colors including kiwi or tangerine metallic and nighthawk black pearl. The Honda Element was awarded the "Dog Car of the Year" by which prompted Honda to design a pet friendly model with back space pet restraints, which included rear ventilation and small dog crate. In 2010 Honda announced it would discontinue production for the Element after the 2011 Element model. In 2010 the Honda Element was awarded the top safety pick for a small SUV.

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