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2012 honda insightThe Honda Insight is Honda's first hybrid vehicle to use the Integrated Motor Assist technology developed by Honda, the Insight concept made its debut at the 1997 AutoShow in Tokyo and was available to dealers in Canada by December 1999, the Honda Insight was the first hybrid fuel/electric vehicle available in Canada and was rated the most fuel efficient vehicle ever by the US EPA with
4.4L/100km. The Insight is also the cheapest hybrid 4-door vehicle currently on the market, followed by the Honda Civic hybrid. Honda's mission is to make affordable fuel efficient vehicles, without having to wait for 7+ years to get your money's worth.

First Generation Insight 2000-2006
The original Honda Insight sported a unique 3-door hatchback body and while it was the first hybrid available in North America it couldn't compete with the Toyota Prius 4-door sedan which took Canada by a storm in the beginning of the hybrid revolution. The Insight was available as a 2 passenger vehicle with a 3-cylinder 1.0L 12-valve SOHC gasoline engine with 67HP and 13HP added by the electric falling into the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV). While the car is in motion both the gasoline and electric hybrid motor monitor the use of both fuel and energy, simply displaying levels on a dash mounted screen, when the brakes are in use it charges the battery using regenerative braking an energy recovery system converting kinetic energy into stored electricity similar to what Formula 1 uses with its Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), which is commonly used by other hybrid vehicles including the Toyota Prius, 2011 Chevrolet Volt and Vectrix electric scooter.

In 2003 Honda launched the Honda Civic hybrid competing directly with the Prius in fuel efficiency and as a 4-door sedan and replacing the Insight when Honda temporarily discontinued it until 2010. The seven year first generation had some battery related issues, after a class action Honda agreed to cover the batteries under warranty for up to 10 years. The Insight battery can also be replaced with the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hybrid battery pack.

Second Generation 2010-2012
The 2010 Honda Insight was completely redesigned, starting with a new hybrid specific platform which it shares with the Honda CR-Z, the Honda Insight was unveiled at the Paris AutoShow in 2008. The Insight was available at Canadian dealerships in spring of 2009 as a 2010 Insight, in the first year it outsold the Civic Hybrid and Ford Fusion hybrid, just under the Toyota Camry hybrid. In 2010 the Insight was the second most sold hybrid in Canada and the US after the Prius.

The 2011 Honda Insight in Canada is equipped with a 1.3L 8-valve SOHC 4-cylinder engine and Integrated Motor Assist, with 98HP and 123 lb/ft of torque. With standard CVT (continuous variable transmission), drive-by-wire electronic throttle system, 4-wheel anti-lock ABS brake system, with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and Brake Assist, power-assisted, ventilated front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

The 2013 Insight is available in two trim models; the base model Insight LX with security alarm system, immobilizer theft-deterrent system and radio data system (RDS); and a fully loaded Insight EX including steering wheel paddle shifters, 15 inch aluminum rims, Honda satellite-linked navigation System voice recognition, USB connection port and vehicle stability assist (VSA) with traction control.

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